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Ceilidh Rock Band, Kent, South East, London (SE02)



Status Quo ?? Not quite ! But almost !!!!

Billy Connolly ? Sort of............but the accent changes.......just a lot !!!!

Scintillatin' fiddle music......YEP.....You bet ! Anyone seen the film 'The Wickerman' ?....(but Britt Ekland is no longer with the band....sad to say.)

Let's get serious !! OK........then there's the dancin' !! That do-si-do stuff (basically,makin' an arse of yourself...an' enjoyin' it !!) DONE to ROCK MUSIC.... wi' a bit of a traditional soul !!

Back to the band............3 individuals/musicians wi' a rock background... who just luuurrvve to 'rev it up' (and wind you up !!!) and they luuurrvve their folk music ! But,honest to God,not a single finger in the ear !! And the chatter/patter between dances.........well,wait till you hear Doug in action ....(who'd ever guess that he also has his own one-man stand-up comedian  routine....that's actually a reason why he's hard to book !!).Now.....if  only he was really dedicated to folk music............amazingly he is - when he's not touring abroad,that is  !!!)

Back to the band - again !!

Ian (fiddle extraordinaire) - got his big professional break featuring in 'The Wickerman' film some moons ago.Ian was THE fiddler....though slightly younger back then ! (Actually,he was only 19 years old then......almost 25 years old now,ain't you Ian ????)

Then,there's Mike  on the phenomenal bass guitar.........'course,there's yer average bass.....and then there's Mike/vocals..........even if you've got three left feet,Mike'll make sure that you're dancin'(ish) in time to the music - on the best of the three feet that you've got !

Finally,you get Doug,Kent's answer to Billy Connolly (but wiv a more refined accent,'course !) - your caller/guitarist/comedian is not Scottish (nor working for the BBC) but still gets you howling before you and your crowd start steppin' the light fantastic ! Some callers would be 'lost' without a band.In some cases,bands would be 'lost' without a caller like Doug.Fortunately,we can present a top class band and caller/musician in perfect harmony who have worked together seamlessly for many years..........and it shows and works wonderfully well.......no wonder Leeds Castle (Kent) book the band so regularly






















































































This Ceilidh Rock and barn dance band perform in Kent, East Sussex, South East London area, Medway towns, Gillingham, Gravesend, Rochester, Maidstone, Ashford, Dover, Broadstairs, Eastbourne, Rye, Swanley and Belgium, Ostend, De Panne, Antwerp, Bruges, North France, Pas-de-Calais, Nord, Calais, Boulogne, St Omer, Dunkirk, Dunkerque, Lille, Picardy,Normandy, Dieppe, Abbeville

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  • Southern England • South East England • London • East Anglia • Central England
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  • Ceilidh Bands • Irish Ceili • Concert Folk Bands • Barn Dance Bands • American Hoedown


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