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Barn dance and Ceilidh, Oxford, Reading, (CE18)



Compact 3 piece band (melodeon,guitar and concertina) which includes its own regular caller within the band line-up.

A typical ceilidh/barn dance with the band would be an evening (around three and a half hours) which begins with a few easier dances as they create an opportunity for everyone to get involved. With each dance, they'll talk/walk you through the steps before the dance begins and, even once the music gets under way, they'll continue calling the instructions until the dancers have got the hang of it.

Then, of course& if necessary they can further 'tweak' their performance to meet the needs of the audience, taking account of ages, ability and energy levels of the dancers. Throughout the evening,the band create opportunities for people to rest between dances, whilst they sing a song or play a tune - a good time for dancers to catch their breath or grab a drink!

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  • West Midlands • East Midlands • Central England
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  • Ceilidh Bands • Barn Dance Bands


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