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Why have a Ceilidh or Barn Dance or Hoedown ?

Why have a Ceilidh or Barn Dance or Hoedown ?
Loads of reasons……………

They are fun ! Apart from learning a few moves which you might never have done before, there’s no need to worry about making mistakes. More often than not, some people will go ‘wrong’ at various points during the dancing and need a few times through before everything starts to click into place. Just laugh it off ! The BBC show ‘The Generation Game’ was hugely popular simply because both the viewers and those participating enjoyed people making mistakes .........doing something which they had never attempted before – and they still had a good laugh about it. The caller (and, perhaps, any of the more experienced dancers) will guide you through.

They are a ‘participation’ thing! Rather than just sitting back waiting to be entertained (like at a concert), the emphasis should be on ‘having a go’ and burning off a few calories. It’s fair to say that, for most people, ceilidhs or barn dances will get you dancing more energetically than you might at a disco………and you can usually see and hear the person that you’re dancing with. Hey, it might be the only exercise you’ll take all week!

Inter-acting with different people! You may not always be dancing with your chosen partner (like in, say, ballroom dancing).Some of the dances are ‘progressive’ – meaning that you are forced, by the very nature of the dance, to have a different dance partner at various points throughout the dance. Same moves as you’ve just learnt, but with a different partner – all that ‘touchy/feely’ tactile stuff which is a great ‘ice-breaker’ for mixing people up. Nodding politely to somebody new is one thing, actually dancing with them moves on the bond. They might even be a worse dancer than you!

Dancing at any age! As long as you can stand, you can join in, whatever your age. Kids, grandparents, mums/dads, teenagers or 80+ years (and all the decades in between) can interact without worrying about fitting in with a trend or latest style. These dances have been around for years and years and stood the test of time – because they are really quite simple and just about anyone of any age can pick up the dances once they’ve given it a shot.