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Callers for Scottish Ceilidhs

OK - we’re going to frighten the living daylights out of you now!

Outside of Scottish Country Dance circles, it may come as a surprise that experienced Scottish dancers do not rely on the services of a caller! Simply, at such events, an MC presides by inviting dancers to take their partners as he announces the name of a particular dance. It is often the case that the dancers have already received, quite well in advance, the agenda of dances for that particular evening – and have even practised the dances in anticipation (if they weren’t already known) so that no instruction is actually required on the night.
If you’re reading this, it’s doubtful that you are experienced to such a level! Very few people are!

However, at Scottish ceilidhs, it would be fair to assume that people will expect to dance ….err…..some Scottish Ceilidh dances! But not every caller will have such dances in their repertoire. Some do….some don’t………and some just won’t!

So it makes sense that the caller booked for Scottish Ceilidhs knows and enjoys these dances and can quickly, but clearly, explain the dances at the ‘walk-through’ stage, giving enough direction to the inexperienced dancer so that they can really feel that they have taken part in ‘proper’ Scottish dances like ‘Gay Gordons’, ’Canadian Barn Dance’, ’Dashing White Sergeant’, ‘Strip the Willow’ and so on (whilst the more experienced dancers can ‘pas-de-basque’ to their heart’s content, embellishing moves with the appropriate twirls and claps).

This is why it is important, when discussing your proposed ceilidh with us, to make it clear as to the standard of Scottish dancing to which you aspire. Then we can make sure that a caller with the right level of expertise for Scottish dances can be booked well enough in advance. Callers for the Scottish dances are a bit thinner on the ground and – thus – more in demand.

Alternatively, of course, you could just get up on the floor when the MC announces ‘Hamilton House’………………..No???.......NO! Let’s book a band AND a caller!