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Wedding Ceilidhs, Barn Dances and Disco/Covers Music - will they mix ?

Well........there are several variations

(a) Some bands will NOT perform if a disco is involved during the night. They are, however, the MINORITY.

(b) Most bands are happy to play….followed by a disco (provided by somebody else entirely) after the Ceilidh. This means that the first part of the evening is devoted to a ceilidh or barn dance with, perhaps, a disco forming the second, latter end of the night. We are talking two totally different ‘ambiances’ and our own experienced opinion is that ‘mix ‘n’ match’ does not work particularly well. Disco lighting/atmosphere is different to a ceilidh atmosphere. The aims are different. Our agency does not provide discos/DJ’s and they would have to be booked separately elsewhere. It is unlikely that ceilidh bands or barn dance bands will charge any less for their services…..disco or no disco.....since fees are not based on hourly services but reflect, rather, that a whole evening has been set aside by the band members.

(c) Some bands would be willing to play ceilidh and barn dance music/dances until an agreed time – then allow their own PA system to be used by others/clients afterwards for disco music. This music would be provided by others/client with their own music device (CD player/IPod etc) which can be plugged into the band’s PA system. There may be an additional charge involved but.........probably far cheaper than engaging a separate DJ with a sound system. But don’t expect flashing lights and smoke machines!

(d) A few bands will provide the whole ceilidh/disco package (this is very commonplace in Scotland). Live ceilidh and barn dance music/dances for a good part of the night followed by the band supplying and playing playing recorded disco music through the band's PA, some even with flashing lights etc. But they may not be considered a full-blown disco by some….how would we know? Discos are not really our thing.

(e) Some ceilidh bands are also concert bands with a vocalist ….and may also have a repertoire of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’/Covers Songs/music to bop around to……..not one single finger stuck in anybody’s ear, promise! But it’s best to ask about this, since playlists for songs vary from band to band. Also some of these bands will intersperse 'Covers' throughout the ceilidh quite seemlessly whilst other bands will start the night with their Ceilidh set and follow later with their dedicated 'Covers' session.