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Bar/alcohol for Ceilidhs or Barn Dances

The bar…

I’ve been caller at many ceilidhs and barn dances where no alcohol is served and the night has gone really well……..because of the enthusiasm and willingness to participate of those attending. So alcohol is by no means totally necessary – but it is preferable to have some sort of drinks available as refreshments since ceilidh dancing is pretty energetic!

However, being totally realistic, you’ll find that the majority of people expect alcohol to be available at most functions for social events (not just ceilidhs).

For ceilidhs, hoedowns or barn dances, try to make sure that the bar is in the same room as the dancing! We’d almost go so far as to say that this is a must ! Why is that ?

Well, we find that most men (particularly) will happily hide away in a bar and talk about anything…..rather than join in with ‘silly dances’! If the bar is miles away from the dancing, lots of guys will think this to be the perfect world and will prop the bar up from the very beginning of the night! However, if the bar is in the same room as the dancing – naturally, they will stay in that room and they are instantly ‘get-at-able’.

And here’s the crazy thing – after a couple of drinks lots of the men respond and actually become very willing participants, showing off and all that! God only knows what an anthropologist would make of some of our British male species!!