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How many dancers do we need at a ceilidh or barn dance ?

This aspect can depend on the attitude of those attending towards ‘having a go’. I remember a really good night when only 30 folks turned up – but they all wanted to get stuck in and it was a great night. Of course, if half of them had taken the attitude of ‘over my dead body……..’, then it would have been a different matter altogether.

We would suggest a minimum of about 40 people…….but the more the better! If numbers are below 50/60,then we would suggest that it VITAL that the organisers or bride/groom join in from the outset – and be seen to do so. That’s very important. Why invite guests/friends to a night of ceilidh dancing or a barn dance when you can’t be bothered to join in yourself? What we’ve also noticed is this - if the organisers or bride/groom really do want to join in with a ceilidh or barn dance, their friends are probably of a similar attitude and it will work well. BUT if the hosts aren’t really too interested (“seemed like a good idea at the time”) the chances are that their guests will be like-minded…..and it won’t work so well for you! Why expect your guests to enjoy it if you’re not really that interested yourself? And why spend so much on a ‘live’ band when recorded music will work just as well?

The majority of events attract between 70 and 120 folks. That should work well because the numbers work in your favour. The first dances will be kept simple – sending out the message that rocket science is not required. Once people see how easy the dances really are, they grow in confidence – hey, if only 30% of 120 people are on the floor, that’s still 36 dancers……(see what we mean by rocket science?) So the dancing still goes with a bang whilst others natter on in the background catching up on the gossip with their friends.

120+ guests ……..and you have the recipe for an absolutely cracking night!