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How much space do we need for a ceilidh or barn dance?

How much space do we need for a ceilidh or barn dance?

Let's think in terms of dancers..forgetting the band.

This can vary somewhat, depending on whether it's a circle dance, square set, longways set etc. As a rough rule of thumb, work on about 1 sq. yard per dancer. But experienced dancers love to strut their stuff and might need a bit more space! But the sq. yard per dancer should work.

Then, add in whatever space you may need for seating/tables within the room.

Then, add in the space required to site the band... which often means
3 musicians + caller = 6 sq. yards approx (say 10 feet x 6 feet)
5 musicians + caller = 10 sq yards approx (say 16 feet x 6 feet)
Or even more if there is a drummer or keyboards in your band.

Of course, if there is a stage that is ideal and the band space is solved. But a stage is, by no means, essential and the majority of venues have no stage!

Then, add in the circulation area required around the bar area if the bar is sited in the same room as the dancing (and, hopefully, it is!!)

Don't forget - not everybody there will dance every dance. Work on the basis that, for most dances, about 30/40% of guests (at parties, wedding receptions and similar) may dance at any given time.
We are big believers in 'cramming 'em in'... meaning that it's better to have LESS than the ideal space rather than TOO MUCH!! It's just a bit of 'kidology' at work! You can always kick a few chairs out of the way to make extra space. As a caller, I prefer to tell latecomers that they've missed their chance to join in 'cos there's no room for them. They will make sure that they're up like a shot for the next dance!

Consider the other side of the coin... you have booked a huge hall which, with 60 dancers on the floor, only looks about a third full....(what sort of message are you sending out to those watching in the wings?)