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Will a ceilidh or barn dance make a profit for fundraising ?

The answer is YES and NO.............’cos so MUCH depends on you and your organising team...............and the reason for raising funds!

First, let’s look at 2/3 examples of ‘fund-raisers’.

(a) We want to generate extra funds to cover the wages of an additional ‘lollipop’ man/woman at our local school or pay towards extra speed bumps to be built in our village/expand the facilities in the local playing fields.......h’mmm........ different bands will take a different view over these sort of issues, important as they may be, locally

(b)We want to raise funds for additional dialysis machine(s) in the local hospital or some very expensive technological apparatus/machinery that will, generally, benefit members of a local community/area.......in an effort to extend the well-being, longevity and quality of life of local citizens........an unarguably laudable aim.

(c) We want to raise funds for Miranda,4 years of age, whose extremely rare life-threatening disease has been treated with some success only in USA and paying for this treatment appears to be Miranda’s only chance of realistic survival!

Everybody will have a different opinion over the importance of the examples above – and they are only examples of the type of queries for fund-raising appeals that we receive. We are not here to act in judgement. However, in our experience, some of our bands may well consider (b) and (c) as higher priorities than (a)........and may alter their quoted fees accordingly.

BUT – HERE’S THE REAL POINT......saving, say, Ł50 on the band’s fee will not make an appreciable difference to the amount of profit raised......the amount of profit will be directly proportional to the amount of effort that you and your team have put in to.....

(i) realistically costing out your event = costs of venue, band, any food to be provided, provision of refreshments/drinks/bar, advertising and promoting your event, administration (how will you sell tickets for your ceilidh? how will you receive payment in advance, for example ?) and, perhaps, securing additional help on the night.

(ii) promoting your ceilidh or barn dance......this is a bit like that programme ‘Location, Location, Location’.....but read ‘Promotion, Promotion, Promotion’! Promoting ceilidhs or barn dances can take many forms.....but if it involves spending money? Take the costs into account! Don’t expect the band to do this for you. You have a far better idea of which people will be your potential ‘audience/attendees’ than the band will have – so, act/attract accordingly! The band, we must point out, are the performers – who will probably be performing somewhere else on the following Saturday night! Your event will not be their sole focus for the coming year. It really is up to you and your team to promote!

(iii) using all the profit-raising potential available to you on the night – raffles, silly fund-raising games (Irish Bingo – ever played that or are we being politically incorrect?...dambusters?.....slide penny for a bottle of whisky? .... auctions of dubiously valued items?), profits from bar or food. There’s loads of options !

Bluntly speaking, your profits raised don’t really depend on the band (unless their fee is truly exorbitant!) but far more so on the earlier efforts of you and your team. All our bands will provide the music and dance expertise to suit, especially for ‘beginners’ or those who have never done any ceilidh dancing or barn dancing before!