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Callers for Ceilidhs and Barn Dances at Weddings, Parties, Corporate Functions

The caller at wedding receptions and parties is very often expected to act as much as an MC for the night as well as being a dance instructor – matters such as cutting of cakes, introducing speakers/speeches, getting the world to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, liaising with organisers and caterers as to buffet/food arrangements etc will arise - and to an experienced caller, there will be no problem in organising and adapting the schedule to make all these other events fit smoothly into the flow of the whole evening.
Also, such a caller would have more ‘patience’ regarding the actual dancing – in the full knowledge that guests have not come along solely to dance to the exclusion of everything else! The caller would be sympathetic to the fact that the dancing is only a PART of an overall celebration and is not going to get upset if guests will do, perhaps, less dancing than at a ceilidh, say, where people have paid to get in and expect to do lots of dancing.
Often, callers who perform at wedding receptions will have a final dance designed to allow the bride and groom to say swift farewells to guests as part of the actual dance. Likewise, the caller can also advise on what many brides, particularly, see as the all-important ‘first dance’ – you could also have a look at http://www.jigsnreels.com/news.php?ID=14 where we make a suggestion for the ‘first dance’ !
Essentially, the caller at these types of functions will not be too ‘serious’ about the dances, knowing that they form only part of an overall celebration where the emphasis should always be on fun and guests having a relaxed night of seamless events (of which the dancing is just ‘part and parcel’).