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Scottish Ceilidhs

Scottish Ceilidhs

We have several Scottish Ceilidh bands listed on our ‘Search’ database. But we also represent several other bands not yet currently listed - don't ever be afraid to ask via our ENQUIRY BOX or telephone 0788 788 7917 and just leave a message - we WILL call you back ! Scottish bands tend to be led by the accordion, backed up by other instruments like fiddle, piano, guitar, pipes ........and a percussive backing.

So, what are Scottish ceilidhs ? And, do they differ from Scottish Country Dance ? Some people argue over this sort of topic regularly. This page is a bit long-winded - but check it out if you REALLY think you need a Scottish Ceilidh band !

Scottish Country Dance is, arguably, a more 'serious' form of country dance originating in Scotland from time-honoured traditions and is to be treated with respect - by 'serious' we mean that the dancers step and dance 'correctly' using certain dance steps which they have specifically learnt either through school, dance clubs or some form of regular practise or tuition. Obviously, for the devotees of this tradition, there is a great deal of fun in dancing/stepping the dances as they were originally intended and Scottish Country Dances have spread throughout the world. Some of our Scottish bands are able to provide the musicianship (in fact, play regularly at Scottish Country Dance events and clubs) for such dancing.
However, if you are reading this, it is unlikely that you require a band that plays to such an exacting standard - since most followers of Scottish Country Dance already have contacts within this particular field without resorting to using our services. So we'll move on.......
Scottish Ceilidh bands (especially those south of the border in England and Wales) fall into three different levels - which we will try to explain below.

(A) The somewhat more specialist Scottish Ceilidh bands will play only Scottish music in strict time which will appeal to those with a Scottish Country Dance background. There are dances such as 'Hamilton House', 'Duke of Perth', 'Reel of the 51st' etc which are popular dances for the more experienced Scottish dancers - so if there is a fairly high percentage of Scottish dancers attending, they would appreciate a band that can provide the correct Scottish music along with an experienced caller for such dances (as well as the regular Scottish 'favourites').A select number of our bands fall into this category of providing a true Scottish Ceilidh, capable of providing an exciting night for both the more (and less) experienced in Scottish Ceildhs.
However, not everybody will need (or expect) this standard of musicianship....but do ask !!

(B) At some occasions, there may be a number of Scottish dancers who are 'out-numbered' by many others who have little such experience. However, the whole evening can still be given the full Scottish experience/flavour with one of our bands playing, principally, Scottish music to the Scottish favourites such as 'Gay Gordons', 'Dashing White Sergeant', 'Canadian Barn Dance', 'St Bernard's Waltz' etc, interspersed with other similar dances (if not always strictly Scottish - for example, 'Cumberland Square Eight' dance - which includes the 'basket' !! - seems to have crept into 'Scottish nights' somewhere along the line!) which are easy for inexperienced dancers to follow. Quite a number of our bands and callers will be able to meet these standards. And they would also provide the music for the famous 'Eightsome Reel' - though we do not recommend this dance to 'beginners' !

(C) Maybe, of course, your particular event needs to be kept a bit simpler but still begs for a 'twist' of the Scottish favourites (see above).Many of our bands will be able to cater for such a night! A few of the Scottish tunes, known and loved worldwide, mixed in with a wider range of music. This still allows your guests do 'Gay Gordons', 'Circassian Circle', 'Strip The Willow' and leave at the end thinking 'Ain't Scottish Ceilidhs really fun' !

Of course, some of our bands are, in no way, Scottish !!

A point to consider, also, for receptions or parties where you want to mix people up a lot !
In most Scottish dances, you tend to keep your own partner throughout the dance (though you will, perhaps, step/dance with others briefly).However, there are many other dances which are more 'progressive' - meaning...............start the dance with your chosen partner but 'progress' after the first time through the dance to a new dance partner....and so on.........all very tactile for those who have been nodding politely towards each other at a wedding earlier during the day!

Finally, we sometimes get asked if the band would also finish the night with their own disco service? In Scotland, this is fairly commonplace. So if you live in Scotland and your event is in Scotland..... then the answer is 'probably, YES'. In England or Wales ?........'probably,NO'
Not QUITE sure what that says about anything, really - it's just a fact. That's culture!