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Sample Booking Receipt of Deposit






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Ms Tickled Pink

100 Overmoon Street

Kirkintilloch                                                                      Date 10th October 2006

KK0 0QQ                                                                          Our Ref  CJM00777


Dear Tickled,

Many thanks for booking your ceilidh/barn dance band through our 'Jigs 'N' Reels' agency.We have pleasure in confirming receipt of your deposit (see below),re-confirming all the main details of the agreement,outlining procedures (see clause 3 below) and cancellation scale charges and responsibilities as set out below and overleaf.


1 Venue St Edward's Hall  Date..Sat-14th Oct 1066  Band:'The Conquerors' 

    Normandy Street             Start...8-00pm                   (3 musicians,with own PA)

   Battle,Nr Hastings            Finish..11-30pm              Incl Caller = 'All-in' 


2  Fee -  'All-in' total              £475-00                           CASH payment at the end

                                                                                           of event should be made to

LESS Deposit Rec'd            £  75-00                           your contact for the dance

Leaving a Balance Sum                                                               who is

Payment to Band in CASH  £400-00                                     Harold Eiffel


3 - The band/caller have now been advised that your deposit has been received by our agency.

The booking above will be accepted,therefore,by the band leader as a firm booking,

subject to your returning the enclosed THREE copies of the Contract Agreement,duly signed and dated by you as the hirer/s of the services of the band/caller.Under current legislation three copies of the Contract Agreement must be returned to the agent WITHIN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS of the above date in the stamped addressed envelope provided.An additional copy is also enclosed for you to retain as your record of the Contract Agreement.Full contact details for the band leader appear in the Contract. However,non-return of these documents will not alter your verbal (or otherwise) obligation.


4 - Upon our agency receiving your three signed copies of the Contract Agreement,one such copy will be

forwarded to the leader of the band/caller (artist/s) for their signing and dating within a further seven days.When our agency receives the signed and dated copy of the Contract Agreement from the band leader,we undertake to forward to you a copy of the fully completed Contract Agreement signed by both parties who agree to be bound by law to the terms,conditions and procedures of the said Contract.  


5 -  We would remind you that you have accepted the Cancellation scale charges as listed below

In the unusual event of cancellation by the hirer/s,your deposit would be non-returnable.

The following cancellation charge scale would also apply

30 days or more prior to booking 50% of balance of fee

30-15 days prior to booking 75% of balance of fee

15 days (or less) prior to booking 100% of balance of fee

All cancellations must be in writing via recorded delivery mail or fax (office hours)

Telephone only or e-mail cancellations are not acceptable