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Wedding Ceilidh,Barn Dance Bands in Worcestershire,Worcs


In Worcestershire (Worcs) we represent over 20+ of the local ceilidh and barn dance bands†available†for†hire†to†perform at Wedding Receptions†throughout†the†whole†county. ............† After all...................Worcester†city†is†where†we†are†based†!.

As caller,Chris Mulvey has performed with most of the local bands. We are listing several of these bands on this page who all willingly perform in Worcester, Malvern, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Evesham, Pershore, Kidderminster, Bewdley, Tenbury Wells and all points in between. It also means that we have a good local knowledge of some of the best venues suitable for holding ceilidhs and barn dances throughout the county of Worcestershire. We intend to display links to some of these venues in the very near future - and we can also give clients pointers as to booking suitable village halls should they wish to organise their own independent catering.

The bands have,of course,become very experienced in providing traditional music,allied to dances suitable to both the beginner and the experienced dancers.The bands will all have a caller for the event who is also able to act as an MC throughout the night as well as 'showing the ropes' to dancers.This is especially important at events like Wedding Receptions where, often, guests have done†little†ceilidh†dancing†before†It†all†helps†to†'break†the†ice'†at† your†Wedding Reception !

Some of these bands are already listed on our website - for example.........(or go BACK to Homepage www.jigsnreels.com†for more options)

Band Ref†OCj3 - see http://www.jigsnreels.com/banddetail.php?ID=32††Versatile†3 piece†ceilidh band + caller featuring 2 vocalists. Their repertoire is various and wide-ranging.including music from British isles and America (with a few Cajun tunes and songs tucked up their sleeves) Approx total fee £550-00..................† And they also can become a 4 piece band by†bringing†along†their drummer at an extra charge (Approx total fee £670-00)

Band Ref†MWsc01 - see† http://www.jigsnreels.com/banddetail.php?ID=28 This authentic Scottish ceilidh band†comprises†a†3†piece†line-up†+ caller. They have performed for very many Scottish Ceilidhs†and†Country†Dance†events†where the standards can be very exacting. So for those looking for genuine Scottish music, you don't need to go to Scotland.......† We have the very band here in the heart of Worcestershire. Approx total fee £600-00.

Band Ref MW21- see†http://www.jigsnreels.com/banddetail.php?ID=31††This†††'folk-rock' 5 piece ceilidh band†includes†their†own†musician/caller to lead guests¬†through their paces......† and what's all this ? A ceilidh band performing 'Whiter Shade of Pale' ??? Surely not !! Approx total fee ¬£600-00. And if preferred,they can perform with a separate caller which 'frees up' Barry,allowing him to concentrate solely on his mandolin,small-pipes and whistles ! (Approx total fee £725-00)

Band Ref†MW13†-†see†http://jigsnreels.com/banddetail.php?ID=20 .This very experienced,compact trio of accordion,guitar and fiddle includes a musician/caller which makes them an ideal choice for the smaller,more intimate,wedding festivities with their ability to perform songs in between the dancing. And very competitively priced Approx total fee £400.00

Some other bands do not currently feature on our website - this may be because there are currently no sound samples or pics available. For example.................

Band Ref OGs........a local 4 piece band + their own regular¬† experienced caller who have a somewhat 'rocky' influence comprising fiddle,melodeon,electric guitar and bass (sound samples available). Approx total fee £500-00.

Band Ref CP......a compact 3 piece band including fiddle,guitar and bass,fronted by their own extrovert caller whose style is guaranteed to get some of the most hesitant guests up onto their feet (sound sample available).†Approx total fee £450.00

Of course,many others¬†amongst†the ceilidh and barn dance bands which we represent will gladly travel to the†Worcestershire†towns†-†you†can†get†the†broader†picture†by†going†to†our†database. Just follow the link http://www.jigsnreels.com/search2.php and see just how many other bands are available to you.

Or click on http://www.jigsnreels.com/search.php?region=6&submit=Search , which is the West Midlands tag on the side of†our†homepage, to open up pages of many bands who often entertain throughout Worcestershire. And don't forget..... our database is not totally extensive ! As you can see, there are other bands not even yet listed ! Never be afraid to forward a general enquiry without specifying any particular band - it's almost certain that we are in contact with just the right ceilidh or barn dance band that would suit your particular wedding reception.

Finally, for your Wedding day, you can also book other types of artists†(through†this†website)†like Classical musicians, Jazz and Cover bands in Worcester and the whole of the Worcestershire area by clicking on http://www.jigsnreels.com/pagedetail.php?ID=19 .This new page will lead you to the link-up that we have with our partners. We do not specialise in providing such artists - BUT OUR PARTNERS DO !†

For instance, you may wish to find a suitable Classical Quartet to perform earlier during the day. Naturally,should you wish to book another of these artists we can arrange this for you as part of one overall package - this means that we can undertake to 'dove-tail' the whole package of musical services†so†that†you†are not dealing with loads of different artists†-†meaning†that†all confirmations and paperwork can stay under the one,simple account. Alternatively,you may prefer to deal directly with our partners in their specialist field.The choice is,of course,yours entirely.

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  • West Midlands
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  • Strictly Scottish • Ceilidh Bands • Irish Ceili • Scottish Ceilidhs • Bagpipers • Concert Folk Bands • Barn Dance Bands • American Hoedown
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  • (For information regarding Classical,Jazz and Covers artists, please visit our partners at http://www.jigsnreels.com/pagedetail.php?ID=19 )†

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