Ceildhs & Barn Dances

(Err – I know it’s a silly question ?)

But – Just what is a Barn Dance ?
(Seeing as how you’re the experts !!!)

Well ! Now this is a bit of a personal interpretation – not the dictionary definition exactly and someone else will tell you otherwise, of course !!
First off – you don’t really have to hold the dance in a barn. If you live in a semi, you might be relieved to know this. Barns can be, sometimes, ideal venues and we don’t object to them. But there are lots of alternatives, like village halls or hotels/pubs/specific reception venues (with a function room) or school halls/assembly rooms or marquees (on the lawn or open space). Even the great uncovered outdoor common area will work (to a degree) if God is in a good-weather mood (lots of prayers !)

Secondly – and this is good news – neither you nor your guests are expected to know what you are doing ! Check out the caller. Being able to dance in time to music helps, of course, but don’t forget – this is all about having some


Barn dances/ceilidhs are pretty much the same sort of thing.

Ceilidhs are rooted in traditional country/folk dances – which can vary a bit depending on where you live in the British Isles – and, traditionally, involved some singing, story-telling and lots of natter (an’ we could tell you some stories !).

Actually, the word ‘ceilidh’ is gaelic for ‘come-ye-all’ – so now the secret’s out !! As for ‘barn dance’, who knows (or cares) – sneaking feeling says the film ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ shares a part of the blame. That’s US culture for you !

Anyway, as far as we’re concerned, a barn dance or ceilidh are both events at which ‘live’, mostly traditional type, music is provided by musicians (the bands), with brief, but very simple instruction given just before and during the actual dance by the caller. The aim is partly to mix people up a bit (dancing with ‘strangers’ ?), to get the blood circulating a bit and for those present to enjoy themselves a lot ! All the bands provide their own PA/sound equipment and some of them also perform the odd song or two, just to give people a bit of a rest from their exertions (having just watched the dancers getting everything ‘wrong’). Most of this is covered in more detail in our tips for a great night.

What we do not provide are outside bar and catering facilities. In time, we will post up suitable links covering others who offer these services, as well as links to venues which have impressed us. Meanwhile, do not be afraid to contact us to discuss any questions or offer any sensible ideas. We may even introduce an ‘interactive’ slot shortly.