Ceildhs & Barn Dances

We have more than 30 years’ experience of arranging Ceilidh Bands and Barn Dances for wedding celebrations.

It’s that really big day, isn’t it? Your special day that you never want to forget – and you don’t want your friends,close family and mates to forget it either.

Let’s be honest – every bride and groom will remember their wedding day….but will everybody else? In fact, most guests remember the night rather than the day! (Secret – ssshhh – guests actually remember the last hour better than anything else! Get married at 11pm!)

Over 100 bands to choose from

Of course, for more specific details about our ceilidh band or ceili bands you can go straight to our search pages here where over 100 bands throughout the UK are listed including Ceilidh Bands, barn dance bands and hoedown bands starting at less than 400! Simple to use – and taking into account your area, budget and style of preferred music and dances. Then try our Enquiry Box here for a quotation.

You can even go straight to our videos by trying our YOUTUBE.COM CHANNEL where about 30 bands (ever growing list!) can be seen/heard performing just like in the short video clips on the either side of this page. Nearly all are live video clips of varying videographic standard – rather than glitzy samples produced to ‘suck you in’. Sort of ‘what you see is what you get’!

But we’re going to brag a bit now. We think our service as a specialist ceilidh bands and barn dance agency should offer far more than just a list of names, prices and video clips (we’re not a ‘bucket’ where you take pot luck).

Especially since such an important day as YOUR wedding day is concerned!

We pride ourselves on offering good advice. Check out our Tips Pages or our more comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions. Our aim is to provide you with as much information as possible about Ceilidh bands and Barn Dances and the professionally-minded bands available whom we represent…… so that YOU make the decision……BUT based on our 30+ years experience of arranging Ceilidh bands and Barn Dances for wedding celebrations.

‘Cos that’s how long we’ve been involved in this business! We arrange really good Ceilidh bands ,Ceili, Barn Dance and Hoedown bands for weddings every week/(end) in and out ! We know what works well (and what doesn’t !!) – like first dance for bride/groom and callers. Or any questions about mixing Ceilidh bands & Discos/Covers Music. That’s not unusual and can work better than you might think – just ask us! Perhaps you want a particular ‘flavour’ for your wedding – Scottish or Irish or American hoedown or a mixture. Just ask (Tel 01905 424411)! We offer our advice freely!!

Most couples want to involve as many guests as possible (whatever their ages, 8 to 80!) to join the celebrations.Whether it lasts all day/night/couple of days/week??… that’s for the ‘organisers’ to decide. So – we have compiled a check/tick list here that we hope will answer some of your most commonly asked questions.But wading through page after page can become numbing on the brain (ever tried reading through all the advice that Google offers?) – SO CALL US ON 01905 424411 or 0788 788 7917. If we don’t answer straight off, leave a message and we’ll call you back – honest!!

All advice is free! Without any pressure tactics ! Simply, we are here to suggest that a Ceilidh bands/Ceili, Barn Dance or Hoedown may fit the bill for your wedding and partnership celebration(s)… or may not, of course ! We would prefer that you have the celebration that suits YOU and your GUESTS… that works for YOUR special day! We have, in fact, turned some people off the idea of a Ceilidh bands or Barn Dance… so,we’re a bit daft as well (not the best way for an agency to make money!)… but we’d sooner have it right… wouldn’t you ?

Bottom Line – we love the participation thing that Ceilidhs and Barn Dances can bring to events such as your wedding/partnership celebration.We know what works best for you (and the bands!) and we’re happy to share our advice for free.We want you (and your guests) going away… thinking… “Yeh,we’ll have that lot again – where’s that card from