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Wedding receptions, anniversary and birthday parties, club or corporate functions, fundraising events – in fact, for any occasion, we want to prove to you that Barn Dances or Ceilidhs (nothing to do with Line-dancing !) can really be a great deal of


FUN for folks of all ages, whether they can dance or not ! And loads of them can’t !!!

Ok then - So, What do JIGS 'N' REELS Actually do?

  • Obviously,on this website,we represent numerous ceilidh and barn dance bands throughout the UK.And that is our prime concern ! We make no claim to represent many other different types of acts (apart from some excellent Bagpipers and concert folk acts who are already allied to the bands which we represent)..This is a specialist field which we know very well and it will remain that way.The list of bands is by no means exhaustive and all bands we represent are known to us personally or have been highly recommended to us by those whose experience we respect and trust.We are continually checking out bands in order to give you,the customer,a wide choice and do all the legwork on your behalf.

  • Before contacting us,we suggest that you check out our database to find bands which you think to be most suitable for your ceilidh or barn dance,bearing in mind musical style,geography and pocket - naturally,after doing that,we hope that you will contact us to check matters out further.Please bear in mind that budget categories are for guidance purposes only - firm quotations are only given for each specific,individual event.

  • After you have contacted us,we would run through with you regarding your particular event.We do not just quote the first band available on your chosen date ! That would be too easy - and counter-productive ! We want you to be very pleased with the band which we arrange on your behalf.We would ask you all sorts of questions which we think are important for us to 'get a handle' on the the type of band which suits you best. Where and when ? What are you organizing or celebrating ? Fundraiser or private function ? Musical style/flavour ? How many guests ? To what level are dancers experienced or inexperienced ? Type of venue ? How trad or 'folk/rock(y)' a band needs to be ? Etc etc.All these considerations can influence the choice of ceilidh or barn dance band most suitable for your dance.

  • We would then check the availability of bands which we consider fit your criteria. You see,checking individual bands can take quite a bit of time.If you don't know the bands........... well,some bands or agents will take a booking,whether or not they are suitable,just because they want the booking ! As an experienced agency,we are more interested in keeping the customer happy rather than becoming dependent towards any one particular band.We like to think that our advice may be considered to be rather impartial,based on our experience and knowledge.

  • Having checked availability of suitable bands,we will then offer you,our customer,a firm quotation,in writing.There will be no hidden extras ! All our quotations are on an 'all-in' basis - musicians,caller,band's own PA gear,travel expenses,everything !

  • To accept an offer,the customer is asked for a deposit (fully receipted in writing) to secure the band's services and a contract for service will be agreed.We may also be able to arrange for 'pre-views' of particular bands so that the customer can see what they will be getting for their money.

  • We would also point out that there are certain times of the year when prices for the bands may vary due to very popular demand - around 25th January (Burns Night),around 17th March (St Patrick's Day),around 30th November (St Andrew's Night,especially in Scotland),December Christmas Party period and,of course,New Year's Eve (anywhere in British Isles !).The summer Bank Holiday weekends are also very busy periods.If you are planning a dance around any of the above periods,it is adviseable to BOOK EARLY.

  • If you want to check out our Terms & Conditions more fully, see Booking Terms.