Barn Dance, Hoedown Band, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs (FG4)


For your Hoedown or Barn Dance in East Anglia, here are 4 very experienced musicians from Norfolk – comprising fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin/banjo…….and one of the band also calls the dances! The band also includes vocalist for some song entertainment whilst dancers are taking a breather. Though the band’s own preference these days leans towards American Hoedown style and country music, their versatility allows them to perform an eclectic set embracing traditional English and Celtic styles to suit the event.

TRI – Fiddle and mandolin………varied musical influences over the years, covering Celtic folk, country music, bluegrass and jazz.

PAUL – Bass……from a background with some well-known Indie bands, Paul embraced the world of folk music as well as continuing to be involved in music/song-writing for a number of films.

PAUL – Guitar…….also with a background with Indie bands, and a vocalist who has released an album of songs covering Dylan, Nick Drake and Nic Jones.

CHRIS – Mandolin and Banjo……well known in Norfolk as member of several ‘Covers’ bands and previously with Whirligig ceilidh. Chris also acts as the caller for the band.

Will perform in: