Ceili Band, Irish, West Midlands, Staffs, B’ham, (MW08)


Now here’s a 3 piece ceili band who perform primarily Irish music and songs As well as dance music! And they can perform for concerts (without a caller)!

But they also include any good songs and tunes from Scotland, England, America, and anywhere else where good music can be found!

Tommy, the singer, is so Irish he was born in Scotland! But his Dublin accent tells you where his roots are (his family moved back when he was an infant). Tommy has always been a fine solo singer of traditional Irish songs – now that he is joined by some excellent musicians, it just gets ‘betterer’.

Guitars, mandolin, fiddle, and a few extra voices give everyone an exciting night of Irish song and dance.

Be warned, though! Tommy is the percussion section! And the fiddler don’t sing – ” ‘cos his fiddle bounces up and down agin the chin”. Wild songs and wild dance!

This Irish Ceili band will perform in West and East Midlands, Staffs, Stafford, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Warwick, Coventry, Warwicks, Leicester, Leics, Worcs, Worcester, Worcestershire, Glos, Gloucs, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Avon, Bath, Banbury, Oxford, Oxon, South and Mid Wales

Will perform in: