Ceilidh Band, Devon, Somerset, Exeter (SW01)


This is a 3 piece ceilidh band plus their own regular resident caller.

Richard (fiddle) started playing piano at the age of 5, took up the viola when he was 10 and played with various orchestras, but stopped in 1992 when he went to teach Science in Papua New Guinea. On returning to England, Richard joined this Ceilidh Band in1999. He loves fiddling fast and furiously but can also play passionately, improvising with feeling.

At the age of 3, Jon (guitar) was given a violin – but preferred to stand in front of the family radio miming to skiffle music!! At school ,he played guitar with many folk and blues groups, then later played guitar in cabaret and rock bands. Reckons that being in the band ‘is about as much fun as one can have standing up !’ – his words,not ours !!!

All her life, Jane (accordion) has had a piano around the house wherever she lived. “I’ve always had a passion for the accordion (as well as my husband!), and have finally found the time to play. I was really excited when I was asked to join the band as I really enjoy playing music for people to dance to and have a good time”.