Ceilidh Band, Oxford, Central England, Midlands (CE07)


Andy – bass guitars, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki and fiddle

Andy – anglo concertinas and one-row melodeon

Caroline – fiddle

Dave  – melodeons

Tom – electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards

Well, what have we here? Whoosh!

If you want to get up the next morning – better not book ’em! This is a Ceilidh band in the front rank of the bands on the English Ceilidh scene. Evolving out of the country dances of the British Isles, Europe and America, the style of dancing is typified by its exuberance and their music has all the energy and style that it takes to fill a floor with hundreds of delighted – if somewhat sweaty – dancers.

This ceilidh band have been regularly bringing their exciting music to major folk festivals including Sidmouth, Towersey, Warwick, Whitby… and many others.

(For the fainter hearted, stay at home and check out your T.V. listings. It’s “Midsomer Murders” for you!)

Will perform in: