Ceilidh Band,Worcs, Herefds, Midlands (SCW3)


This band have been performing as a ceilidh band (or barn dance band) for a number of years in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, the West Midlands and even much further beyond as demand rises and the reputation grows.

Based at the foot of the Malvern Hills, the band’s origins go back to being part of the band/musicians for a thriving local Ladies’ Appalachian Clog Dance team. Dave’s driving fiddle tunes thrilled dancers and audiences alike and Dave was a founding member of the Crows.

Since those days the band has developed a slightly ‘rocky’ sound based on traditional,lively dance music – though the night is also interspersed with Dave’s vocals of folk and country music. The 3 piece line-up now consists of

Dave (fddle, guitars, mandolin)

Rob (melodeon)

Ally (bouzouki)

The band also work with their own caller, Lynne, or with various other local callers.

(The image shown is of their larger 5 piece band line-up)