Ceilidh, Barn Dance Band, Midlands, Worcs, Glos (OGS3)


Usually, this lively, energetic band perform as a 4 piece with their own regular caller. However, sometimes during the quieter months (and to help with budget purposes) they can perform as a 3 piece plus their caller. The band are based in the Worcs area but travel throughout the Midlands and into parts of South and Mid Wales. They always provide very ‘danceable-to’ music (with their little ‘secret’ drum machine helping to keep everything rock-steady). The smaller 3 piece line-up can be provided from the following

Jon – fiddle

Mark – melodeon

Pete – guitar

Phil – bass

The video clip also features Liz on flute. Liz can sometimes be called upon if either melodeon or fiddle is not available…….. OR, of course…. as an additional musician if requested (at an additional charge). The prices for this page reflect the rates for 3 musicians plus a caller.

Please NOTE – the sound sample features a drummer who is no longer with the band on a regular basis