Ceilidh & Concert Band, Worcs, Glos, West Midlands (MW21)


This ceilidh band can also be described as a folk-rock band, based in the West Midlands. The band comprises five people with a wide range of musical tastes and experience, who take common delight in sharing their skills and enthusiasm with just about anyone who cares to listen. And can rev up the night with some live classic ‘covers’ songs delivered by Paul, their vocalist (see below)

They use a wide array of instruments (guitars, drums, small-pipes, fiddle, mandolin), play songs and tunes from many different genres and whenever appropriate, teach dances to the tunes they play which leave their audiences screaming for mercy and in a state of communal collapse.

They have played in a range of venues from tiny pubs to London halls, and from river boats to someone’s front living room. They are equally happy playing electrically or acoustically and have a whole range of volumes from ‘nice and quiet’ to ‘frankly destructive’.

The band have played for weddings, for fund-raising events, parties, concerts, and, given half a chance, just for the hell of it.

Book this ceilidh band and you are guaranteed a whole evening of musical entertainment of dancing and concert which will be tailored to suit the mood of the occasion.

‘Covers’ Playlist includes……..

  • Lazin’ on a sunny afternoon
  • Whiter shade of pale
  • If you need me (Wilson Pickett)
  • For your love (Yardbirds)
  • Jack to a King
  • Glad all over
  • Do you wanna dance
  • Sweets for my sweet
  • Let’s twist again
  • I’m a believer
  • Moondance
  • Your song (Elton John)
  • Coz I love you (Slade)
  • What a day for a day dream
  • Da doo ron ron
  • Summertime

Will perform in: