Scottish Ceilidh and Barn Dance, Yorkshire, Derbys (BGG)


Based in Yorkshire, this very versatile (in traditional style) band can offer a night of English/Irish/Scottish music and dances centred around Geoff’s accordion.

Generally, this 3 piece band perform as accordion accompanied by fiddle and drums (especially for Scottish Ceilidhs) plus their caller. However, the line-up can be varied to include (or supplemented by) mandola, bass or concertina (obviously extra musician fees will be reflected in the total fee charged).

The band will perform for all types of Barn Dances and Ceilidhs but they do have a very extensive range of Scottish music and dances in the authentic Scottish Ceilidh style especially suitable for Burns Night celebrations and similar events where a genuine Scottish flavour is required. An example playlist of dances is below Gay Gordons/ Circassian Circle/ Highland Schottische/ Strip the Willow/ Canadian Barn Dance/ Dashing White Sergeant/ Scottish Veleta Friendly Waltz/ Virginia Reel/ Boston Two Step/ Foula Reel/ St. Bernard’s Waltz/ Eightsome Reel (short Version)/ Scottish Waltz/ Orcadian Strip the Willow ending the night with Aud Lang Syne

Will perform in:

East Midlands