Dos and Donts of the First Dance at a Wedding

 Dos and Donts of the First Dance at a Wedding

First Dance? A Waltz?

Isn’t the waltz a difficult dance to learn?

Brides, particularly, fret a little over the first dance. It is a big photo opportunity at weddings to record that first dance as man and wife. Here’s our tip – which we know works!

Try a waltz to live music from your ceilidh band!
If you can’t waltz, don’t worry. Just take the floor, embrace each other and sway in time to the music. No stepping need be involved. A photographer’s dream!!
And any guests worried about joining you on the floor will soon see how easy it is to follow your example! (Of course, there may be some older guests who can waltz and this is their chance to shine!)

When a good number of guests are already on the floor,then your caller can really get to work!

An alternative is for the bride and groom to be shown some very simple moves by the caller (so that everybody else can see how simple it all is) dance to the live music then each of them move off and bring a new partner on to the dance floor. Those four dancers then do the dance and all four peel away to bring on a new partner and so on, thus involving just about everybody else on the dance floor. No rocket science required!